Monday, September 20, 2010

New Quilt Project

Ok Ok  sooooooo disown me for being a really bad Aunt.  I started a quilt for my niece oh I don't know 3 1/2 YEARS ago.  Did I see you rolling your eyes?  Don't make me get up to smack you.  Things like life and accidents get in the way, OK?  Well anyway.  I started this really cute quilt and I got all the blocks hand pieced, got the top all put together, layered it  then started the hand quilting.  I am quilting like crazy when my HUBBY says, hey I think your aunt would really love that lap quilt, don't you?  I am like,   noooooo this is for Carol.  He then told me he really really REALLY thought I should give it to my aunt and proceeded to tell me WHY.  Let me stop right here and first tell you that I seldom actually listen to my hubby about my quilting or crafts and any wife out there knows why but I will tell you.  Hubbys know NOTHING about quilting or crafts.  HECK  they totally refuse to read directions for anything.  But I have to tell you, his reasoning was sound.  You see my Aunt is 80 and she has cancer so  I decided to finish the quilt for her.  What happened next is totally bad for me.  I slipped and fell at the grocery store.  As a result of the fall I now have permanent nerve damage in my hand so hand quilting is soooo hard to do and crafts and my sculpting of miniature babies out of polymer clay is all but impossible.  On top of that the lap quilt has to sit unfinished (only the binding and 5 rows of top quilting left) because... well just because.  That is a story for another day.

WELL  I have decided to make another quilt for my niece, who I love with my whole heart.  I took samples and let her choose which she wants.  Now I have started the blocks.  Below is the first block.

So dear niece you can see I have started.  I will keep you all posted as to my progress.



  1. And I agree with David on giving the original project to Aunt Cathy! I love her too! She totally deserves it. And MY quilt is GORGEOUS. You were right about the colors and I love, LOVE, LOVE the blue fabric. Thank you so much. Oh, Tricia forgot to mention that I have to finish it... I hope that works out. I've never quilted anything! Lots of trips to LO for guidance? Hmmmm, yup. 1st trip, uh, Tricia, how do you thread a needle? How do scissors work? Yeah, I see LOTS of oversight needed.

  2. Beautiful! She's going to love it! I like your progress meter!

  3. Just so you guys know I made the progress meter too LOL....... I am just soooo crafty.

    All the blocks are the same pattern.
    Block #2 is well under way.