Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Good and Bad of Organizing your Kitchen

You would think that there would be no bad in getting your Kitchen organized.  HA HA  not when I am doing the organizing.  My idea of organizing is to throw everything out and buy new.  Now in these economic times  my hubby says BAD idea.  So with that in mind I am going to try to actually learn how to do it. 
I have been roaming the internet for ideas.

#1 THE SPICE CABINET.  YES  I have a whole cabinet , 3 shelves, all full of bottles and tins of spices.  Guess what?  I have only used most them once.  You know you are all guilty of finding this totally awesome recipe and you can not wait to try it out on your unsuspecting friends or family.  Go ahead admit it, don't be ashamed.  We have at one time or another gone all Martha or Emeril on our family.  We print out the recipe and off to the store we merrily go and buy ALL those spices to make this gastronomic offering and then spend hours preparing it.  You get out the good dishes, maybe even light candles, the table is GORGIOUS.  Now it is time to serve.  Looks and smells delightful.  Ok, dig in....  gag,  WHERE can I spit this out?  All in the course of 1 minute your meal turns aweful.  Your hubby is trying to get you to stop crying while he is dialing the number for Pizza delivery which makes you cry all the harder.  You swear you will never do this again UNTIL the next time.  Now be honest  there is ALWAYS a next time.

Out of the whole mess I use Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Garlic Powder, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Seasoned Salt, Chili Powder, Paparika, Lemon Pepper, Everglades Seasoning. Occasionally I use parsley and chives.  I think that covers it.  So what I was thinking   is clean it all out,  and my idea (LIGHTBULB MOMENT) is magnetic tins with clear tops, screw the metal plate to the back wall of the cabinet, right under the first shelf (WooHoo  I will be freeing up 2 shelves) stick the tins on it so I can actually see what is in them.  Now if you have a spice that might be light sensitive they do make these tins with a solid top.  I do like the idea of having a metal strip near the stove so I will buy a 2nd metal plate and I could put all the spices I am going to be using on it and off the counter.  Easy Peasy.

#2 THE PANTRY ok  I have a pantry (like a small walk in closet) but it seems to be the walk in catch all.  Why in the heck is my hubbys tool box in the pantry?  I don't know, but it annoys me but he was good enough to let me put the pantry in so should I make a stink about the toolbox?  Me thinks NOT  at least not right now.  The stink will come when we build the garage with awesome storage just for his toolbox.  Now when they put the pantry in all I got was 3 or 4 white wire shelves YUCK.  Hate it  HATE IT  but I was happy to get the pantry.  NOW it is time for me to figure out what I want to do with it.  Wood Shelving units, wicker baskets, racks for those large platters you only use on holidays, Can Caddys.  You name it I want .  I am a soooooo Martha WANNABEE. 

That unit is 3 seperate units and I only have room for 2, the corner and 1 straight but I am ok with that.  You can leave the shelves like they are or you can stain or paint them.  I am thinking of using a red or green furniture wax on them.

They have shelves that hold Wine bottles and a shelf that holds stemmed glasses under which is totally awesome.  Add a divided Platter rack and decorated boxes for my Linens and I am good to go.  Be honest you are sooo hating my inner Martha right now.

WAIT.... I forgot about FOOD STORAGE.  You can not have this totally awesome Pantry and not have something in mind for Food Storage.  More internet searching and  WA LAAAAAA

These are OXO Food Storage Containers.  the lid has a button on the top and when you push it down the containers are air tight.  You can then stack them.  The large containers will hold 5 lbs of flour or sugar.
When you press the button again it pops up and you can pull the lid off.
I like the clear containers so I can see what is in there without having to open them to find what you are looking for.  If you need cooking directions for something inside then cut it off the package and slip it inside. 

Here is another item I found that looks pretty interesting.Indispensable SmartSpace Triple Canister Dispenser by Zevro.

Well there you have  the Spice Cabinet and the Pantry.  Next up will be the tops cabinets and then the bottom.  The bottom will be a bear because we actually did not pick out the cabinet and none  (you hear me NONE) of them have a shelf.  Just a big open space so everything just gets stacked with no rhyme or reason.  Not very organized.

Stay tuned for Part 2  CABINETS.

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